GDN’s main activity is to offer management services to those companies who are in the field of third party logistics management and want to outsource these services. After being active in the commercial sector (direct sales activity) and in the transport sector for many years, we started GDN. We make use of our professional capabilities, resources and entrepreneur spirit to offer best possible opportunities and services to our Customers and fulfill their expectations from us.

For initial 20 years, we were very active in the real estate business (construction and management of industrial manufacturing plants); in 2012 we decided to focus our activities in the field of integral logistics and other related services specific to this sector.

Real estate properties

We offer rental warehouses with excellent infrastructural facilities suitable for integral logistics activities. All our warehouses have fully functional office areas, loading bays with wide openings and enough space for movement of heavy vehicles.
Our warehouses are located in the most industrialized areas of the northern Italy.
To satisfy specific Customer requirements, we can also make required modifications in our structure and make them more suitable for that usage.


We are well aware of the difficulties faced by the companies, especially in the slowdown period, in transferring their specific requirements to external organization who are not familiar with the company’s history and its present situation. Considering this fact we spend a lot of time in the initial phase for the careful preparation of the outsourcing project. We dedicate time and attention to understand Customer’s activities and then prepare the project report with mutual consensus that covers a precise estimate of costs and schedule for the complete project.

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